I started an Online Computer Vision Course with Coursera recently, in order to learn more about using Machine learning models for image classification, detection, clustering techniques. We could say it’s something I am very interested in and check this space for more interesting articles on related topics in the future.

In order to train your models for classification, you need data and it’s usually a good idea to get at least 100 images (sometimes you need thousands, sometimes millions) and although there are various datasets out there, you might need to create yours in certain situations.

Searching Google for images…

Medical Insurance Charge Using Machine Learning


As the years have gone by, most people are now aware of the necessity of a medical insurance for themselves and their family. Depending on the medical care, an insurance company collects yearly premiums, but it is very difficult to estimate the medical expenses due to various health conditions of payees and other factors contributing to the payees health.

Some conditions are, however, more prevalent for certain segments of the population. …

The applications of machine learning range from games to autonomous vehicles; one very interesting application is with education. With machine learning, regression algorithms, we can use a student dataset to predict the grades of students in their exams. This is an interesting application as it allows the teachers to be able to predict students grades early before the exams and find ways to assist the students who are not expected to perform so well. This article provides a detail explanation of how to use python to carry out this machine learning prediction task.

This study considers data collected…


Educational Data Mining is the analysis of students’ data with machine learning algorithms in order to infer information to further aid students with their education. It is a field with enormous potential benefits and it has received a lot of interest from researchers and some educational institutions over the years.


One very common application of machine learning to educational data is to predict students grades ( I will cover this in a different article ). In this project though, our objective is clearly stated as follows:

  • To Predict A Students final decision to further their education by enrolling into universities.

Adakole Emmanuel Audu

Data Scientist and Machine Learning Enthusiast

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